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Jennifer Moore


Welcome to 7th Grade ELAR!  

  I am excited to share the passion that I have for reading and writing with all the students that enter my classroom. The ability to read provides the building blocks that children need to become great storytellers. By becoming better readers and being exposed to different works of literature, each child is given the opportunity to use their own, creative voice that can be heard through the words they write. 

 All students do have the ability to read and write well if they take the time to practice and improve their skills. I would love to see this same passion burn within each student that I am teaching; however, I do understand that not every student will share it. As their teacher, I will make learning purposeful for each student, fun, and interesting. I will work with students that struggle in this area and challenge the ones that have met my expectations so that they can exceed them. As a parent/guardian, you are your child’s biggest cheerleader. Your child will take any valuable information you give them and use it to their benefit. You too are a large part of your child’s success.

 As we embark on our ELAR journey this year, I will support your child and all of their needs in order to help them be successful. I will demonstrate and give tools to teach them to be better readers and writers. Each child is unique and a wonderful gift from God that I will treasure throughout the school year.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns regarding your child's academic progress.  

Jennifer Moore



Jennifer Moore

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