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Cathy Bishop

6th and 7th Grade Art at Rains Junior High

Tutorials are Tuesday afternoons until 4:30.

      My name is Cathy Bishop.  I've been teaching art at Rains ISD since 1998, first in the high school as "Miss Porter", then in 2001 when I switched to the junior high campus.  I've reached the rewarding point in my career when I often have the children of former students in my classroom.  I enjoy bringing an appreciation of art to multiple generations of Rains County residents.  Emory is an artistic community and a wonderful place to work. 

          During red ribbon week, a former student and I show off our outfits for crazy hair and clothes day. In case you were wondering, no that's not my real hair.


In 6th and 7th grade art, 

sketchbook assignments are

a test grade every nine weeks.  

Supply Lists for Art Classes:

There is a $10.00 flat materials fee for 6th grade art. Students take home their art supply boxes at the end of the school year. A sketchbook is included among the supplies in their box. It helps to have had 6th grade art as a prerequisite for advanced art in the 7th grade, but it’s not required. 

7th grade advanced art students are required to purchase a spiral bound sketchbook only. Not the mini ones please, 9” x 12”-ish is a good size. 




Cathy Bishop


Electronic devices and earphones or earbuds are the student's responsibility at school. It's not a good idea to keep anything of value in an UNLOCKED locker on campus.  Listening to music while creating art is a reward and a privilege that well behaved students may earn.  

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