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Cathy Bishop

6th and 7th Grade Art at Rains Junior High

Tutorials are Tuesday afternoons until 4:30.

      My name is Cathy Bishop.  I've been teaching art at Rains ISD since 1998, first in the high school as "Miss Porter", then in 2001 when I switched to the junior high campus.  I've reached the rewarding point in my career when I often have the children of former students in my classroom.  I enjoy bringing an appreciation of art to multiple generations of Rains County residents.  Emory is an artistic community and a wonderful place to work. 

          During red ribbon week, a former student and I show off our outfits for crazy hair and clothes day. In case you were wondering, no that's not my real hair.


In 6th and 7th grade art, 

sketchbook assignments are

a test grade every six weeks.  

Supply Lists for 6th Grade Art Classes:

There is a $10.00 flat materials fee for 6th grade art. Students take home their art supply boxes at the end of the school year. A sketchbook is included among the supplies in their box. It helps to have had 6th grade art as a prerequisite for advanced art in the 7th grade, but it’s not required. 


Winners of the 2016 Founder’s Day Child Abuse Awareness Art Contest. 

Left to right; Brian Marrufo, Emma Samples, Anthony Martinez


Cathy Bishop


Electronic devices and earphones or earbuds are the student's responsibility at school. It's not a good idea to keep anything of value in an UNLOCKED locker on campus. Students may not charge their electronic devices in my classroom. GAMES, VIDEOS, AND OTHER APPS ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED DURING CLASS. Listening to music while creating art is a reward and a privilege that well behaved students may earn.  

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