Girls Basketball

2016-2017 Junior High Girl’s Basketball Schedule

11/10           Canton                            Home           4:30

11/17           Brownsboro                     Brownsboro   5:00

11/28           Mabank                           Home           4:30

12/3            A Team Tournament          Gladewater    TBA

12/3            7th A Team Tournament     Paris             TBA

12/5            Wills Point                       Wills Point      4:30

12/12           Van                                Home            4:30

1/5              Canton                            Canton          5:00 (2 gyms)

1/7              B Team Tournament          Rains            TBA

1/7              7th B Team Tournament     Quinlan Boles TBA

1/12            Brownsboro                      Home           4:30

1/13-14       8th A Tournament              Crandall         TBA

1/19            Mabank                           Mabank         4:30

1/26            Wills Point                       Home            4:30

2/2              Van                                Van              5:00 (2 gyms)

*All four (7b, 7a, 8b, 8a) will play at all district contests.

*Games will be played in two gyms at all locations except Rains, Wills Point and Mabank.  The order of the games will be 7b, 8b, 7a, 8a.  When playing in 2 gyms, the A teams will be in be in one gym and the B teams will be in the other.


Girl's Basketball